Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Term of the Day: dummy up

dummy up--keep quiet, often when management is around

Term of the Night: dummy proof

dummy proof--to mark something or to arrange a preset so that even the dumbest stagehand will get it right.

Term of the Night: deaf and dumb (D & D)

deaf and dumb (D & D)-- an old longshoreman's term. "He's deaf and dumb, he didn't hear anything and can't say anything about it."

Term of the Day: button job

button job--run automation

Term of the Night: designer time

designer time--designers operate on their own time, often showing up late. "The young, famous set designer said, 'I can't show up when the workcall starts at 8am. I'll see you after coffee. He was operating on designer time."

Monday, March 27, 2017

Term of the Day: “Watch your cruller”

“Watch your cruller”--pipe coming in, something heavy overhead...for those who live under rocks, a cruller is a doughnut.

Term of the Day: work me like a rented mule

work me like a rented mule--sarcastic comment when it's a hard day of work. Also: "treated me like a red-headed stepchild"