Friday, February 5, 2016

Term of the Night: NBC--Nepotism Before Competence.

NBC--Nepotism Before Competence, or Nephews, Brothers and Cousins, or Nephews, Bartenders and Cousins. The initials of the TV network lays out common hiring practices. I must note that there are excellent heads at NBC who do fight the union fight everyday and who hire the best Local #1 stagehands they can find.

Archaic Term of the Day: fathers and sons local

fathers and son local--before the organizational list was put into effect and before women started fighting their way into Local #1, the local was known as a fathers and sons local, where each card member could nominate one person for membership, usually a son. If you had two sons, you would find a member with only daughters, and get him to nominate your second son.

The first woman was initiated into Local #1 in December 1977. I am trying to track down the name of this tough sister.

Term of the Snow Day: pure stagehandese

pure stagehandese--stagehand slang, a stagehand who is conversant in the slang used by Local #1 stagehands. Often generational stagehands, whose fathers or grandfathers were in Local #1. I find that many stagehands under 50 don't understand what a busted valise is. "One of the extra men in the carpentry department speaks the purest stagehandese I have ever heard."

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Revenge Term of the Moment: "Smile when you stick the knife in"

"Smile when you stick the knife in"--sometimes getting revenge can be BOTH business and pleasure.

Terms of Faith: I changed congregations

I changed congregations--it is another way of saying "I have a new rabbi."

Get Out of Dodge Term: exit preset

exit preset--when you get your bag and coat ready so you can run out the door to make your bus or train.

Seen on a 1970's Local #1 T-Shirt: "Stagehands Do It On Cue"

"Stagehands Do It On Cue"--This was a t-shirt from the 1970's or the early eighties. To hammer out all nuance, there was stage screw under the slogan.